Room letting in the Eroscenter No. 1

No boss, no leader, nobody who says what to do, just you can decide about your working hours

How? It’s simple. You just have to rent a room for 130€ per day in the Eroscenter No. 1. After that you can work independent in your own attractive room with air conditioner, shower, WC, TV, and a daily room cleaning.

The Eroscenter No. 1 is situated in a nice location in the downtown of Frankfurt. Of course you can count on a big footfall.

Beginner and foreigners (+21 years old) are also welcome if they have paperwork.


Eroscenter No 1

is always in action

Breite Gasse 1, here you find a lot of fun, sex and entertainment… in the oldest but best nightlife district.

From sweet seductions trough to SM-Sex, our hot girls make your dreams come true in a lovely milieu.



All the rooms are completely equipped.

We offer internet access, coffee bar etc. for free

Penthouse Bar on the fourth floor
It would be a pleasure to welcome you soon......

Telephone: +49 69 913 958 19
FAX: +49 69 21 658 667